STAR JOURNEY is a two and a half hour star gazing tour that does not just simply take advantage of the engaging night’s sky at the world renowned Pioneer Saloon, STAR JOURNEY takes you and your friends on a JOURNEY through space and time itself. Every tour is engineered with a unique focus & socially for the group attending. Space is vast, vaster than we can begin to comprehend or know. STAR JOURNEY will never begin to run out of new & exciting focuses for each customized event.

About the Tour

Tours are separated into different categories: beginners, intermediate, expert & social which are described later on this page. Whether you are a beginner or an expert astronomer, any of our tours are engineered for anyone to understand & love; however, it may be more rewarding for someone new to attend a beginner or social tour first. All tours will follow a similar format, as described here:

  • Each tour is schedule to run 2 and a half hour long.
  • Please show up 15 minutes early to receive your personalized food & drink order that you placed when you bought your ticket and to also allow your waiter or waitress to meet you so that they may be better-prepared to serve you.
  • Once the tour begins you and/or your guest will also have the option to get your picture(s) taken in front of a green screen which will be available for purchase later. The picture will have your image superimposed on one of the pictures we took from the tour with the STAR JOURNEY logo atop. The picture(s) take some time to get right, so you may place your order after the tour to be mailed or picked up at a later date. Pictures can be done in varies sizes. Picture options will be discussed at the beginning of the tour. You may select NOT to do this & you will still receive a 4 by 6 picture from an object of your choice from the STAR JOURNEY tour that we viewed during the event at the conclusion of the tour, which is already included in your ticket purchase.
  • If applicable, (primarily for beginner and social tours) we will discuss the history surrounding the tour event.
  • We will discuss news articles and current events that correlate with the tour. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and questions and to bring related material you would like to discuss as well, but please mention these items to the tour guide(s) before the tour start, so that the tour guide can work that specific material into the tour more seamlessly.
  • We will all have an understanding at this point what the tour focus will be and weather permitting, we will then make our way out under the stars and begin utilizing our star gazing instruments to view the tour objects. Weather NOT permitting; we will use our software and other instruments to view the objects on flat screen TV’s & monitors indoors that is either currently or has been captured by other telescopes.
  • Following the viewing we will make our way back inside (or transition over) to discuss our findings and general thoughts.
  • At the conclusion of the STAR JOURNEY tour, we will discuss other tours & the events coming up; and we will give you your 4 by 6 photo from the night’s viewing.
  • After the tour you may choose to stay at the pioneer saloon & continue the experience for yourself, but the tour guides will either be getting ready for the next tour or closing up for the night.

Tour Categories

With every tour, the biggest chunk is given to the actual viewing of objects in the sky.


The beginner tours involve astronomy that is focused on our solar system that can be viewed with the naked eye and/or giant view binoculars & telescopes. We will dig deeper into the history and teaching of basic astronomy while keeping it light, fun & entertaining. Since we will have more time allotted for the history and teachings, less time will be allotted for current events, news articles, and potential future possibilities & implications. The same time will be given to the actual viewing through the instruments and/or software itself.


Social events are specialized and very entertaining tours for those who have a social focus and want a fantastic time. The tours will be focused on any of the following and more to come: Dating, Couples, Family & Group.

  • Dating
    Dating, is a whirlwind tour that involves speed dating where we aim to have in attendance an equal amount of men and women in attendance (or strictly men or just women depending on your preference) to meet and greet while also providing an astronomical spectacle and ambiance. Some of these tours may also have in attendance a psychic and/or reader to provide an additional experience with horoscopes and the like.
  • Couples
    Couples are engineered for a romantic evening out with your sweetheart. These tours may also have the psychic and/or reader available.
  • Family
    Family tours are designed with children in mind. The topics and material are understandable and engaging for any adult & child 8 years of age or older. We will transition from one item to the next much quicker than our other tours to keep everyone engaged and happy.
  • Groups
    Groups are focused events that are personalized. Please call us tour set up and arrange for a personalized custom tour. Keep in mind that pricing may vary.

Intermediate & Expert Tours

These tours are more discussion & viewing focused than teaching or specialized event tours. Although we may have a specific theme or cosmic event we are viewing that tour, we may also go off in other directions or tangents. Intermediate & Expert Tours are not dry as a new person to astronomy may think and are very exciting for anyone. We find that these tours have a lot of customer interaction and we welcome all positive thoughts and ideas from our guests. No one can possibly know everything and we are all coming for these tours together for the love of astronomy and science.

The same food, drink, pictures and other items are included in these tours and all other tours as well.

-- Message from our team --

We will have a positive and safe environment for all of our tours. If you come intoxicated or belligerent we will ask you to leave and not refund your ticket and you may be told you may never attend our tours again. If you have a dispute with other guests, friends or family we will ask you kindly to resolve your dispute quickly or if we have to, we will be forced to take other measures to resolve the situation, whatever the appropriate measure may be. Please be respectful to others and be prepared to have the time of your life. We are so excited to have you in attendance!