Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the STAR JOURNEY
Arrive 15 minutes early on the date & time of your STAR JOURNEY. Starting times differ from event to event and throughout the year. Refer to your email receipt for Date and Time. You may choose to arrive 2 hours early if you want to be apart of the equipment setup. You can help us set up & we will teach you about the equipment
What happens if there are not clear skies during the event, will it be cancelled & how is that handled?
Some of our customers make long term plans coming from all over the world, so we have made it our mission to provide a similar event for bad weather that is done all indoors. With our software, hardware, instruments, articles, history, tour guides, food and drink, etc. we are able to create an inside experience that is very close to that of being outside; however, if you wish to cancel your ticket or move your event date to another time both of those options are available to you as well. If you wish to cancel or change your event date you must call 2 hours in advance of the event date to do so; otherwise, we will assume that you will be attending and thereby we will be staffing and preparing the event accordingly for your arrival.
Are we allowed to take our own pictures & video?
Yes, we encourage you to do so!
Is there food and drink included with the STAR JOURNEY and how much?
Yes we offer wine, sparkling cider, cowboy western BBQ or Steak n Lobster, and more- all included in your ticket price. Please have on you your legal state identification for age verification if you elect to drink wine as your beverage. There is a 2 drink maximum, but you may buy more at your own expense. Some tours such as the build & keep your own Galileo Telescope tour do not have food & drink included in ticket price, but you may purchase at your own expense.
Can I schedule a STAR JOURNEY date that is not on the list?
Yes, go to the "Ticket" page, select "STAR DATE" and click on "Request a Date".
Can I bring my own STAR GAZING equipment?
Yes you can, but we do have enough equipment for everyone and it must be pre-approved with a STAR JOURNEY tour guide prior to the tour.
How many people are allowed on the STAR JOURNEY at one time?
Typically we accept up to 15 people for one tour, unless one group exceeds that number, such as wedding receptions, business get together's, and such.
Can I request my own Private STAR JOURNEY date?
Yes, if you have a group of 4 or more people. Simply go to the "Ticket" page, select "STAR JOURNEY DATE" and click on "Request a Date".
When I purchased my ticket online, I did not receive a ticket?
Your email confirmation is your ticket.
Do you provide transportation from Las Vegas to the Pioneer Saloon?
Yes but you must call at least 24 hours in advance to your tour to coordinate your pick up and drop off. This service is absolutely free; however, drivers do accept tips.
I have my own star gazing group. I am interested in conducting my own star gazing event, is that possible?
Yes, for more information please send your request to STARJOURNEYGUIDE@GMAIL.COM